Her: Do you want coffee?
Me: Always.
Her: of course. I️ don’t know why I even ask.

Really, this is a great conversation starter, if you ask me.

My mom is the best. I’m sure you haven’t heard that before. But let me tell you, she is. She’s a nurse and puts up with all kinds of cruddy people. I️ could stop there; but…she puts up with me, dude. She is a great gift giver; just genuinely thoughtful. She cooks like a million bucks, she makes looking good look easy, she thinks things through, she pauses and gives the greatest of advices, and she is a crusader of love like nobody’s business. She fights so hard for what she loves. But….. enough cheesiness.

Some of the best memories I️ have with my mom are Saturdays over coffee: Sabbath rest, bellies full of her good food, with an afternoon filled with good conversations and delicious coffee.

But the best part of it all? I would lay my head in her lap and she’d play with my hair, and play with my hair… and play with my hair.

And you don’t understand…. it’s not just.. a finger here and a rub there. My mom has the most magical hands with the most wondrous touch, there’s heaven between those fingers. It’s like no time passed by. The earth stood still and all else disappeared.

My world could be upside down and then all was made well on those Saturday afternoons spent on her blue leather couch as our hearts filled up while our coffee mugs emptied out.

Today is my mom’s birthday. And as I️ count my blessings in this life of mine, I️ count her thrice: she’s my mother, my friend and the best grandmother my kid could ever dream of. Because… it’s not the gifts she gives us that make her a gift from heaven. It’s not even her French press. But it’s … HER.

Love you, mom. The distance means nothing when I️ carry you in my heart always.

Even so, I️ can’t wait to see you. And I️ hate that you’re always right


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